Presenting the redesigned “Digital Narthex” for Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Chatham, NJ

We are proud to present Gloria Dei’s redesigned website.

Now with resources such as “Good News on the Go” videos, Pastor Christa’s written sermons, a comprehensive church calendar and more…

Working as a team with Pastor Christa Compton, Tom Houle and Kathy Long has been a true pleasure! This website has not only received a fresh new look, but has been turned into the online representation of the church’s friendly narthex – welcoming you, and offering options for you to grow your faith. We invite you to check out the live website for more information!

About Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ( They are a church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace for all people as known to us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. They welcome your questions about God, the Bible, and faith. The people of Gloria Dei represent many different faith backgrounds and stories, and invite you to come grow with them. Learn more…

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Proud to present

We are so proud to present

It is with great pride that we share with you this new website intended to help return internationally abducted children. The legal process of the Hague Law is an exhaustive road of bureaucracy and expense. These international child abduction cases typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to pursue. It is our sincere hope that by sharing our talents, we may help spread awareness, and aid in legal and legislative efforts to bring internationally abducted children back home to the United States.

About the ROCH Foundation

Dennis Burns is a Left Behind Parent of International Parental Child Abduction. Dennis was named the Primary Residential Parent by a Colorado Judge. Three weeks after this verdict Dennis’ ex-wife kidnapped their 2 daughters and took them to Argentina. After 3 years of relentless diligence on the legal fronts, Dennis is now in the Supreme Courts of Argentina battling for the International Hague Law to be upheld and his daughters to be returned to their legal country of residence in the United States.  [More about Dennis’s story]

Dennis is a Sotheby’s International Real Estate Broker in Aspen Snowmass, Colorado. Together with David Goldman and the Bring Sean Home Foundation as final recipient of the proceeds, Dennis has established the ROCH Foundation. The Return Our Children Home (ROCH) Foundation is designed to assist Buyers and Sellers set up a professional and knowledgeable member of the National Association of Realtors anywhere in the United States, or even the World. The resulting referral commission, at no expense to the client, goes to the foundation to help return internationally abducted children. We invite you to visit the website for more information.

ROCH Foundation



Proudly presenting

We are so proud to present

Dennis Burns and his family have been friends of our family for a very long time. It is with great pride that we share with you this new website intended to help Denis in his fight to bring back his children who were abducted more than three years ago. It is our sincere hope that our contribution may help spread awareness, and aid in legal and legislative efforts to bring these girls back home to the United States.

About Return Burns Children Fund

On September 9, 2010, two American children, Victoria and Sophia Burns, were abducted by their mother to Argentina after a U.S. Judge named their father, Dennis Burns, the primary residential parent. Dennis needs our support to help bring the girls home!

Dennis and the Burns Family are from New Providence, New Jersey and Ocean Beach near Lavallette, New Jersey. He has resided in Aspen/Snowmass Village, Colorado since 1994. We invite you to visit the website for more information.


Return Burns Children



Just Launched: CDNEO’s New Website

New Web Design for
Community Day Nursery of East Orange

Caring for Children since 1897.

We are so proud to share with you the launch of the new website for Community Day Nursery of East Orange, New Jersey! This new WordPress website, a user-friendly platform that will enable the nursery school’s staff to add and update content as needed going forward, uses our custom-designed theme that can easily be updated as the website continues to evolve. It is a dynamic website with lots of easy-to-find resources, such as their calendar, parent handbook, and a regularly updated section for the center’s news with lots of beautiful pictures! Community Day Nursery came to us through our existing client since 2010, NJAEYC, and we have had the most pleasant and highly efficient experience working with Kathy Burke and her team! Visit the live site at!

About Community Day Nursery

Community Day Nursery is a nonprofit early childhood program offering a high quality full day preschool education to the children of East Orange.  Community Day Nursery (CDN) has been serving children and their families since 1897.



Ladies and Gentlemen…

Proudly presenting the all new website for
New Providence Music Boosters

We are proud to present the brand new website for a terrific organization that supports music and performing arts in the New Providence, New Jersey, school district – NP Music Boosters!

With our own aspiring musician in the Middle School, it has been a great pleasure to work with the Music Boosters’ efficient Board of Directors to create a website that offers easy-to-update slideshows and calendar of events, an online merchandise store, and many opportunities for parents to get involved via membership, easy volunteering, sharing of photos and videos, and much more! Check out the site!

About New Providence Music Boosters

Music Boosters is an organization comprised of parents and friends whose purpose is to support the New Providence School District Music and Performing Arts Department. This group of parents and friends share their time and talents to raise funds to support special performances, provide scholarships, assemblies and competitions, and purchase special musical instruments.

Visit the LIVE site at!



Share’s Dynamic & Easy-to-Update WordPress Website

Introducing…the new

an online resource for healthcare professionals

It is a great pleasure to present the new website for New Jersey Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy.   We have sincerely enjoyed working with NJSHCA for the past three years, during which time we have been maintaining the content of their existing site.  With the launch of this new site on the WordPress platform, the website has been turned into one that is dynamic and easy for the organization to update.  We invite you to check out the live website for more information!


New Jersey Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy is an organization of dedicated individuals who advocate on behalf of their patients and their families in New Jersey health care facilities. They bring patients’ needs to the center of healthcare.  Learn more…



Proudly Presenting the new

Proudly presenting…
the redesigned website for The Paul Jackson Fund!

“Giving Love… Giving Hope…”

The team at the Paul Jackson Fund works extremely hard to make an important difference in the lives of individuals who truly need their assistance. Being able to contribute to this effort by turning the fund’s website into one that is dynamic and easy for The Paul Jackson Fund to update has been a special, rewarding experience for us. We invite you to find out more…

About Paul Jackson Fund

THE PAUL JACKSON FUND is a tax-exempt charity that serves as a resource of last resort for individuals and families facing a financial crisis due to a debilitating long-term illness or disability. The Fund provides grants to qualifying individuals in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, & CT) for health-related needs as well as for family and household needs. You may want to check out their upcoming Gala & Auction event, “Giving Love… Giving Hope…”

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Just Launched…The New

We are so proud and pleased to present the
redesigned website for Pilgrim Congregational Church!

“where faith and friendship meet each week”

This website redesign has been so much fun, and extremely efficient! We have enjoyed being part of the great team that worked together on the project, and it has been a true pleasure working with Carolie and Carl Johnson, as well as Reverend Virginia L. Scott and all who participated in making sure the website content was accurate and promptly provided! This team effort enabled us to continue to move forward quickly, with exciting new developments throughout the process.

About Pilgrim Congregational Church

Located in Warren, New Jersey, Pilgrim Congregational Church is a fellowship of Christian believers who have pledged themselves to Christ, seeking purpose in their personal lives and in their work, according to his teachings and guidance. They acknowledge their allegiance to God as made known to them in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. For more information about Pilgrim Congregational Church, please visit – and be sure to check out the AMEN button on the Music page!

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Just Launched This Week!!

It is our pleasure to present the all-new website for the NJAEYC

Check out!

We are so excited to present the brand-new website for The New Jersey Association for the Education of Young Children (NJAEYC).  We have enjoyed working with the NJAEYC for quite some time on the hosting and maintenance of their original website, and we are so excited to have been able to work with this great team on the redesign of their new site.  To view the website, and for more information about NJAEYC, please visit

We invite you to visit NJAEYC’s live website for more details.



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