Introducing: Providence! Integrated Health & Fitness in New Providence

We are proud to present this brand-new website!

“Open your eyes to endless possibilities…”

We have enjoyed working with Kathy McCready, founder and Director of Providence! Integrated Health & Fitness, since the beginning of 2010 while Kathy was at Terra Sky in Summit. Kathy’s brand new integrated health and fitness club in downtown New Providence offers Xtend Barre, pilates, massage by New Jersey Massage,                         . We invite you to check out the live website for more information!

About Providence! Integrated Health & Fitness

Our primary aspiration for this wellness center is to provide inspiration for personal growth and transformation as we age. Aging… Life’s biggest quandary. Every day we are aging. The question is how do we age well? Our mission is to provide the knowledge and support so that we all age smartly and gracefully. Learn more…



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